In which I get with the times…


Image Credit: Natalie Denburg and Flickr

I have been considering the best way to create videos for academic purposes for a while now, but the thought of having to appear on camera horrified me somewhat. The screen capture tool, then, is a game changer and the best piece of tech I have tried so far on this course. I made a quick video to have a go, which I have put a link for below and I think I will be using this feature a lot. It’s so easy as well!

Short Video Test

I chose to use screencast-o-matic because the tutorial video made it look so simple. I think his could be a great tool for my teaching and my research and I have now set up a youtube channel for this purpose with updates to come.

I am glossing over ‘thing 13’ because data will never be part of my research thankfully. I will stick with words as numbers were never my game. So, publishing research online then. As I do quite a lot of teaching Prezi is an invaluable tool, both for using a a teaching resource and to watch others people to acquire knowledge. I find the dynamic style of the presentations must more creative and less restrictive than powerpoint. However, I do think I would keep Prezi for teaching and Powerpoint for academic outputs as it seems to me to be slightly informal.

I also really like the idea of Slideshare, as although I have Surreylearn for my UG students to access my presentations, I would like to share them more widely, particularly if I made some that related to my research.

Here is an example of one of my presentations for second year teaching:


More soon!


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