A Different Path



Image Credit: Flickr & Michael Lehet

This week’s ‘Things’ have been a challenge as I am unsure how to approach them. Both ‘Research Impact’ and ‘Open Access’ are really important parts of my preferred career in academia and will affect me over the course of my current research project and beyond. The reason (I think) I am struggling to engage with these ideas is because I still feel my research isn’t at a stage where I can publish: I am still working on my underlying argument. Also, when I am ready and finally get accepted into a journal (Q1 preferably!) it can take up to three years to actually appear in print. This means that I have quite a few years before I can generate any “traditional” impact from my work. Thus, I can’t assess how my research will be received other than through the conference papers I give and the papers I publish on academia.edu. Immediate impact, particularly as a PGR or an ECR is the domain of more immediate disciplines such as Science and Medicine – and whilst I am devoted to my subject – it is pretty obvious to everyone that my research won’t save lives. That is why articles in the arts take such a long time to go through the publication process, because although they are important in provoking a new line of thought in a niche area, they are not really urgent in the same way as an article on developments in cancer treatments.

So, instead of focusing on the future (something I can’t really do at the moment for reasons beyond my research) I have decided that I can work on my impact rating through my online visibility. Using my blog to discuss my ideas in a reader-friendly format gets my ideas out there and to a much larger audience than my thesis ever will. My review of the film La La Land (2016) that I posted on here last week is the first step for me and I intend to keep writing posts of this nature. I can also use programmes such as the video tools from the previous ‘things’ blog and websites such as academia.edu to build an academic profile without needing to urgently publish (something I am not ready to do and won’t be for a while).

Apologies that this week’s blog is so short – I have finally started engaging with my thesis again (I am currently taking a TW), but I am excited about it again! Also mildly hysterical about how much work I need to do to finish it!

(And it was my birthday!)

More soon.


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