What’s to come?

time-and-the-futureImage Credit: Flickr

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
Søren Kierkegaard

The future is a place I have avoided looking at for a long time now, but we all have to lay the foundations for our future and this seems like a good place to start doing that. Funding applications will be a big part of my life if I manage to establish a career in academia and knowing where to look is the first step. Funding for the arts is notoriously difficult to find, never mind being awarded any, so looking which areas funding bodies are looking to support is a really important element when writing up and finishing a Ph.D. I have had a look at the Research Professional and this will be a really useful tool for me over the next couple of years as I finish my doctorate and start planning my next project. I also signed up to Unity as although it hasn’t really kicked off yet, this could be a really useful way of networking with other ECR’s and PGR’s, not only at Surrey, but at other institutions as well.

Looking forward in terms of this blog and my visibility online, I will definitely craft a website that can demonstrate my strengths as a researcher. This blog has been a good place to start, but I also want to update my surrey.ac.uk page in line with the changes I have made to the focus of my thesis. I intend to connect my surrey page to my blog, my academia.edu and in time, a website, which can bring all of these elements together. I don’t feel I am at the stage where I am ready to build a profile but I will begin gathering the necessary components so that I have worthwhile content and a body of my work available online – whether through this blog or academia.edu. If I’m honest, I am considering deleting my LinkedIn until have a purpose for it, as I haven’t found much use for it yet and I don’t want any inactive profiles appearing on a search engine. Staying in control of your online identity is probably the biggest thing to come out of this project for me and I feel like I am much better equipped to do that now.

Coming up: Final ’23 things’ blog





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